Jan. 2, 2013 06:08

Master Kush

Looking for the perfect medicine to relieve your pains and help you unwind after a hard week’s work? Then Master Kush from Michigan Organic Solutions in Flint will suit you well. Master Kush hews close to its indica parentage and provides a strong sedative for the body and mind, yet there was always the strong presence of its famous sativa parent. Not only did its skunky bouquet waft through the room, we loved the hours of strong, heady effects as the medicine ran its course. The orange beard of pistils sported by the dense nuggets instantly charmed us, and we became true believers once we experienced its enduring strength. We’d recommend Master Kush to sufferers of insomnia and those in need of mild pain relief. It helped us to lighten up and laugh, and after an hour the medicine’s effects felt like a blanket had been draped slowly over our bodies—very soothing.  This is the perfect medicine for relaxing on a cold Michigan winter night by the fire. Just what the doctor ordered.

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