Jan. 2, 2013 06:07

Buddha Tahoe OG Kush

As soon as we opened the jar, a fruity smell aroused our curiosity; imagine notes of licorice and rubber. We looked, and were soon awed by the heavy blanket of clear-headed trichomes encrusting the bud. Orange hairs were everywhere, wispy against the olive-colored flower. We found the aroma inviting and the seedless nugs—while slightly moist—were always easy to grind and manipulate. It is clear the caregivers at OM of Medicine in Ann Arbor obviously know their craft well. Fast-acting and effective in small doses, a single puff of this strain was more than sufficient to get stress a-shedding and elevate the mood. A headache dissipated soon after sampling, and it wasn’t long before pulsing and pleasant warmth moved from the head down to the solar plexus and into the extremities. Our tests suggest BTOG would be useful to alleviate aches and pains, and to offset stress and depression. At a 65-35 sativa/indica ratio, this medicine would be best taken in the daytime, but not too late. OM of Medicine, true to its word, has medicine of exceptional quality.

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