Jan. 2, 2013 06:01

Guava Dawg

From the wide array of Chem Dawg variants hitting the market in Western Washington of late we can tell that patients and growers have decided that it’s a strain to experiment on to see if they can get better results. This Guava Dawg from Rain City Delivery in central Seattle certainly seems to have worthy outcomes. It’s a cross of Chem Dawg 4 (one of the original Chem Dawgs), Afghan #1 and Star Dawg, each an indica-dominant strain, and the end product is definitely high in THC. This example was an effective pain killer and anti-spasmodic—you will feel the healing effects creep into your body. We also hear it’s also a fine treatment for arthritis and insomnia. We can testify to the latter effect, as not long after medicating we felt heavy-lidded and tired. Its overall analgesic effects last a couple of hours. Patients beware: This is not a daytime or driving-anytime-soon medicine.

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