Jan. 2, 2013 06:00


We will admit to being smell dorks when it comes to medical cannabis. And in the case of Qush our scent snobbery is completely rewarded. The essence of this strain (available at South Sound Holistic Medicine in Graham) is of lemony wood, almost like an old cedar floor that’s been oiled recently. Qush is a 70-30 indica/sativa hybrid comprised of Bubba Kush (the pre-1998 phenotype) and Space Queen. But, of course, it’s the effect that counts and this strain is effective at dropping the hammer on anxiety, pain and leads to that woozy bedtimey feeling that’s such a wonderful antidote for patients suffering from insomnia. This is not a daytime medicine for anyone except the most experienced patients. But we promise wonderful nights with this excellent strain from this Pierce County collective.

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