Jan. 2, 2013 05:59

Mexican Sunrise

Mexican Sunrise might conjure images of a tequila breakfast and fields of sativa, but this strain is very much of the indica-dominant variety. Get this: It’s a four-way hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Permafrost and Blue Dream—all heavy hitters in their own right. Mexican Sunrise—from the good folks at Green Rush Collective in Lynnwood—is an 80-20 indica/sativa hybrid and, in looks, reminds us of Dutch Treat. Its effect is powerful and lasts a solid two hours, and in our test flight reduced overall pain dramatically. It has a deep pine odor and is very tasty. But the best part is that this strain from this collective in South Snohomish County doesn’t knock you out, allowing you to think and get work done without a trace of anxiety. So it’ll be a good choice for patients who need daytime pain relief without all the heady effects some patients don’t like in your typical daytime sativa—without the drowsiness that many indicas can cause. That’s our kind of Mexican Sunrise.

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