Jan. 2, 2013 05:58

Sweet Mary Jane’ Sweet Dreams

If sweet dreams were made of these, it makes you wonder what “these” are made of, right? Thank goodness Sweet Mary Jane has it figured out for us, because if it wasn’t for the duo we picked up at BGOOD in Denver, we may have never known. The ’80s were a mystery for a lot of us. Our affinity for chocolate and peanut butter is well known, but this is a treat that takes it over the top. A luscious peanut butter bottom, almost like silky nougat, plays well with a chocolate shell that adds texture and balance to this decadent treat. It only helps that you can smell the THC from the moment you open the package. Clearly made from cannabutter, the herbaceousness hits your palate almost immediately, yet it is mitigated by the choice of sugars. We couldn’t help but feel giddy from each 50mg dose. Dancing ensued, but it wasn’t graceful. Like any good PB, we were just after the jam. Try eating one, then enter a staring contest at your own risk. This is an edible that will help you “get on up!”

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