Jan. 2, 2013 05:55

Chem Dawg 4

Colorado is home to quite a few legends, but few inspire the debate and rancor of the Chem Dawg lineage. If this page had a comments section it would be on fire. With the election over, we wanted some controversy and busted out some Chem Dawg 4 from iVita Wellness in uptown Denver. Our review team was unanimous in its support. The Chem family can be all over the place—like most families—but  No. 4 is a proven powerful indica. Though small in stature, these popcorn nugs have great structure and burn long and slow, helping stretch our meds supply for longer than we had expected. The nose is hard to mistake; a curious mix of fresh lemons and wood polish, hence the “Chem” moniker. Initially, we found this strain a blast to the brain, causing racing thoughts and pumping up the heartbeat. After a few minutes, however, we all calmed down and let the strain take over. An excellent soothing choice for those dealing with severe pain and discomfort.

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