Jan. 2, 2013 05:55

Grandoggy Purps

Holy purps, Batman! While he may have been tracking down a different type of perp with sidekick Robin, the Caped Crusader has also been joined in the past by Ace, the Bat-Hound. We at CULTURE would be proud to adopt the Grandoggy Purps from Medicine Man in Denver as our new super-strain pup. A cross of the legendary GDP (Granddaddy Purps) and Chem Dawg 4, it’s no mystery why patients love this 60-40 indica-dominant hybrid. With nugs that look like they were born from a nuclear reactor, this strain is for fanboys of the Fantastic Four’s Thing, as it has the density of a large rock. Breaking up the nugs showed good consistency of trichomes throughout, and that almost “purple” smell of fresh grapes permeated the office. The indica side of the cross was more pronounced for some reviewers, with big pain relief coming at the expense of minor desk-lock. Others felt a great mix of head and body, perfect for relaxing at the big screen without passing out during the trailers. Grandoggy Purps is ideal for a superhero on the go—sans Batmobile.

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