Jan. 2, 2013 05:54


As a strain, Bubblegum has a lot in common with its candy counterpart: sweet, sticky and something you definitely don’t want on the sole of your shoe. We had a lip-smackingly good time at Altitude Organic Medicine in Colorado Springs, where we found this great sample. This 80-percent sativa-dominant strain is a truly energetic pheno; a case where you may want to lick the wrapper. Smelling like you cracked open a bag of Big League Chew, Bubblegum’s appearance is definitely that of a lime-green Sour Patch Kid—so coated in crystals it turned nearly white. Since most reviewers are already familiar with the indica-leaning side of these genetics (found predominantly in the Midwest), a daytime sampling of this strain proved a pleasant surprise; mental effects lent focus and purpose, leading to a productive afternoon and an unexpected second lunch. Yes, like the name Bubblegum would suggest, we could not stop moving our mouths, whether it was to grub—thus, an excellent choice for tackling appetite issues—or chat it up with the next desk down. Grab this strain if you’re looking for “pop” somewhere other than the radio.

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