Jan. 2, 2013 05:53


Cannabis use doesn’t have to be euphoric to be healthy. The primary active molecule, THC, is totally inactive in its raw form, known as THCA, where the A stands for “acid.” Smokers apply heat to buds to convert THCA to THC and unlock the plant’s psychoactive potential. However, the acids themselves protect neurons and reduce pain and inflammation, giving rise to a new trend: juicing. Canna Culture Collective now offers a proprietary CannaMin THCA- and CBDA-enriched cannabis juice. The little bottle is full of fruit and vegetable juices. It smells like a super-wholesome, fruit-filled V8, and tastes like a sweet, store-bought juice mixture with no grassy taste. Some physicians recommend seniors suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory and chronic pain conditions to ingest THCA and CBDA daily to get all the good stuff from cannabis without the drowsiness, or dizziness of smoking it.

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