Jan. 2, 2013 05:52

Venice Cookie Co.’s Chocolate Macaroon Chunk

Save money on tropical air travel with this edible staycation. Venice Cookie Co.’s Chocolate Macaroon Chunk (from Natural Herbal Pain Relief in San Jose) combines rich, dark chocolate and coconut with high amounts of cannabinoids for maximum pain relief and sedation. These gourmet chocolates come in 8x and 15x strength. Professionally packaged in pink or blue foil, the detailed labeling states that the 8x is equal to 2.24 grams of flowers, while the 12x is equal to 3.36 grams. Inside the foil, the treat smells super-chocolaty and inviting. Each chocolate square tastes of rich, dark cocoa, while the chocolate filling and coconut bits change up the texture. We didn’t taste the cannabis at all in here, so watch out. These very high potency edibles can create an extremely relaxing, sedative effect which can last for hours and can be used to tackle insomnia and neuropathic pain.

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