Jan. 2, 2013 05:50

Bubblicious Cookies

We literally could not believe our noses when we twisted open the jar of Bubblicious Cookies and smelled pink bubble gum. That iconic, synthetic, light-pink candy bubblegum sweetness was somehow wafting off a plant! Bubblicious—available from the good folks at HHCC in San Jose—is supposed to be a cross of Pandora’s Box and Querkle from seed company Wonka as well as Nirvana. Only one of four strain phenotypes is supposed to have this powerful pink bubblegum smell and HHCC’s got it. Ours looked like Cookies: hyper-dense, multi-colored green, orange and purple, with white trichomes layered on thick like cake frosting. Ground up, the bubblicious smell was even stronger while the smoke was surprisingly light, earthy and kushy. Strong, top-shelf, indica-dominant hybrids like this can be used by cancer patients to treat chemotherapy-related nausea and neuropathic pain.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
Available at various collectives throughout California.The Bay Area’s Bloom Farms™ continues to make a splash with their gorgeous, elegant HIGHLIGHTER™ vape pen and cartridges. They come in...