Jan. 2, 2013 05:49

Jack the Ripper

We’re always excited when things have Jack in them and San Jose’s Yerba Buena’s Ripper is like an amplification of the Cup-winning hit. With killer genetics from TGA, Jack the Ripper—from Yerba Buena in San Jose—offers an extremely uplifting, psychedelic sativa experience that first-timers might want to sidestep. TGA’s Subcool mixed Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Purple Haze, C99 and Romulan to create this sativa-dominant hybrid. These top-shelf, rock-hard boulders smelled as sweet as a candy necklace. Expertly cured and trimmed, the shimmering colas released even sweeter notes of lemon, mango, pine and hash on the grind, while its smoke was surprisingly light and sweet. Patients report treating depression and chronic pain with this sativa-dominant hybrid, which can heighten physical sensations and fuel creativity. However, such effects can be too intense for new patients who sometimes report anxiety, increased heart rate and paranoia.

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