Jan. 2, 2013 05:46

Mighty Doughnuts

Step aside, Winchell’s and Dunkin‘, there’s a new sweet circle in town. Don’t be fooled by their small size—Mighty Doughnuts are more than enough to suit your medicinal needs. Made by the magical mavens at Mighty Medibles, these doughnuts—available at Garden Grove Caregivers in Garden Grove—contain all the aches-and-pain relief you’ve been looking for. Cunningly crafted from sugar, butter, milk, eggs, flour—and kief!—each of these baked confections is just the perfect size for quick and easy consumption. Add to that the sweet frosting liberally coating each edible and the colorful sprinkles (which offset the herbal palate), this is the type of meds your doctor would prescribe . . . if doctors in California could prescribe edibles. But we digress . . . Mighty Doughnuts are good for patients seeking mid- to moderate levels of body effects without being left anchored to the sofa or left with a cloudy head. About an hour after eating, you’ll feel the effects slowly and gradually ooze (or should we say “ease?”) in—trust us, the kief won’t ambush you. To top things off, these edibles will also elevate your mood—how’s that for sweetening up the life of a patient?

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