Jan. 2, 2013 05:46

Cali Clones OG

From The Grove Co-Op in Garden Grove, Cali Clones OG comes across like a sunny day after weeks of rain. There’s an airy cleanness to this newborn indica—a freshness to both its flavor and appearance. The cauliflower-shaped buds stand out for their bold colors—vivid Bavarian green and flecks of golden orange, tinged throughout with copper. It has the sharp chlorophyll aroma of fresh-cut flowers—inhale and exhale, and you’d think those flowers were roses. After trying it once, we wondered if Cali Clone OG’s exuberant, exhilarating mental effects were a happy accident—the coincidence of sampling a strain smack in the midst of the holiday season. Everything’s exuberant around the holidays, right? Then we sampled the strain again—same effect. Now that we’ve tried it three times, we’re happy (very happy) to report that Cali Clone OG is one of the most joy-producing strains to come around in years. It’s medicinal laughter in green, and that means it’s just right for treating seasonal affective disorder, panic attacks, PTSD, anxiety and depression associated with severe menstrual cramps.

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