Jan. 2, 2013 05:45

Black Diamond

The buds of Black Diamond, a new variety from Varieties For Life in North Hollywood, are dark and diamond-shaped—just as the name suggests. Were they actual diamonds, they would each be worth the value of . . . oh, say, Madagascar . . . because Black Diamond buds are so fantastically big. The bud’s sheer size is just one of its eccentric qualities. The strain is a puzzle palace of color: the enormous nugs are hued dark ash wrapped in a mystery of frosted green wrapped in an enigma of golds and oranges and tans. It feels fluffy and lightweight, but break up the nugs and you’ll be astonished at how long it takes to finish breaking them. The bouquet is tangy as citrus, but the flavor is so unique that we might have to come up with its own word for it. To say it has a spicy bite to it, like nutmeg, really doesn’t do it justice.

If the strength of Black Diamond’s effects is any indication, cannabis patients can look forward to a very good winter. This is high-grade medicating, a clean and natural alternative to hitting yourself in the head with a sledgehammer. The cerebral effects kicks in upon exhalation, starting with the sensation of pressure at the top of the brain and ending, hours later, with a feeling not unlike that of a rollercoaster coming to a stop. To cut straight through the metaphor, Black Diamond is an intensely powerful strain—we don’t know the THC count, but we don’t need to know. It’s about as potent a medicine as you can get in bud form, making it great for relieving pain associated with post-surgery convalescence, cancer therapies, severe neuropathy and chronic migraines. Do not attempt to cut diamonds while using Black Diamond.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
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