Jan. 2, 2013 05:44


Medical cannabis patients have a true friend in Lanny Swerdlow, who for years has worked tirelessly to protect the rights of patients  and to educate the general public on the healing properties of our favorite plant. So it’s only right that the strain bearing his name—O-O-Swerdlow, from the Inland Empire Health & Wellness Center in Riverside, in collaboration with PO Genetics —should be so staggeringly good. Pure sativa from the olive-green tips to its amber-red hairs, O-O-Swerdlow buds resemble grapes on a vine—roundish and clustered together, snapping off into perfect single-serving portions. It’s sticky to the touch, honey-sweet to the tongue and a delight to the mind and spirit. Simply put, this is first-rate medicine for a broad range of medical conditions. Patients who ordinarily avoid sativas because of their reputation for producing nervous energy (not exactly appealing to those trying to alleviate insomnia) need to try O-O-Swerdlow—the effect is both deeply relaxing and mood-lifting at once. While just about all cannabis varieties will increase the appetite, this baby yields a case of munchies that’s positively ravenous, making it outstanding for those undergoing chemo or battling wasting effects. It burns evenly, but not too hot—a hugely important quality for users with respiratory ailments. In total, O-O-Swerdlow is the kind of prescription you’d get if it were designed by a medical professional who really understands the needs of cannabis patients. Like Lanny himself.

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