Jan. 2, 2013 05:43

Head Cheese

If you’re a newer cannabis patient, then you might have missed the stir Head Cheese created when it first hit the dispensaries. A game-changing subset of medicine had arrived: Not only did Head Cheese have its own unique aroma and aftertaste (very much like fine aged cheddar), but it was dramatically different from other strains in its pastel-yellow appearance and dense, crumbly texture. Even the powerful effect was different—a confirmed cannabis connoisseur can spot a cheese strain just by its tingly, euphoric sensations. Soon, Head Cheese and its indica and sativa varieties were everywhere—everyone wanted a piece of it. The proliferation of the strain meant that where you obtained it matters, because not everyone knew how to do Head Cheese right. The people at OPG in Riverside know how to do it right—their 100-percent indica Head Cheese is as noble an example of the strain as you’re likely to find. The buds strike just the right balance of density and moisture, translating to even-burning joints and bowls you don’t have to wrestle with to keep lit. The flavor is like a good Swiss variety of cheese—savory without being too sharp. But, most importantly, what you get is total pain relief, meaning the velvety smooth head buzz is just part of a velvety, warmed-from-within glow. That’s the right prescription if you’re a patient dealing with nerve pain, arthritis, insomnia or migraines, and an even better one for those with chronic back problems.

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