Dec. 6, 2012 01:45

A Better Tomorrow

Ziggy Marley’s influence starts with his music, continues through humanitarianism and it’s clear there is no end in sight. As a multi-dimensional social activist and artist, the son of legendary Bob Marley will continue exceeding expectations with the worldwide release of his new live album, Ziggy Marley in Concert, on Jan. 15 (exclusively on iTunes Dec. 18). This album showcases the diversity of Marley’s many different messages of change, including his 2011 Grammy-nominated Wild and Free where Marley shares his dreams of seeing “hemp fields forever growing wild and free.” Also known as the mastermind behind new comic book hero Marijuanaman, Marley is upfront about his beliefs that cannabis is natural, good for the body temple and should be legal. The world-renowned artist is so against using unnatural products that he sells a GMO-free line that includes hemp seed snacks and his Coco’Mon coconut oils. On a path to healing the world through peace, love and an antiwar attitude—Ziggy cannot stress enough that God’s green plant can be part of the cure. (Jamie Solis)

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