Dec. 6, 2012 01:44

Boys Noize

Boys Noize

Out of the Black

Boys Noize Records

While the name sounds like the opening act on a One Direction tour, Boys Noize gets huge cool points for making a Monster Magnet "Space Lord" dance remix one of his first releases in 2004. Alex Ridha, the German-born DJ making all the Noize, is now an international star with a new full-length album, Out of the Black. Sounds range from digitized guitar and live drum sounds ("Rocky 2") to new wave-disco hybrids with a native percussion breakdown ("Conchord"), all driven by pounding electro-synth grooves. Tracks like "Circus Full of Clowns" come across as album filler, but EDM fans can cherry pick the standouts like the euphoric "XTC," the bouncy "Ich R U" and the dynamic, energy-building opener, "What You Want." Hopefully rap radio will embrace the album closer, "Got It," which has Snoop Dogg throwing down like he's trying to bring ’93 back.

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