Dec. 6, 2012 01:28

Fweedom Collective’s Harlequin & Jack Herer Medicinal Cannabis Tinctures

The words “strain” and “specific” don’t often beckon with excitement—except when it’s describing something from Fweedom Collective because when these folks dial-in on specific strains it is because they are very good medical effects to be had. Case in point is this North Seattle collective’s Harlequin tincture, built around the high-CBD qualities of the award-winning strain its name fore. Seriously, the CBD in this 75/25 sativa-dominant strain can go over 20 percent in concentrate forms and Fweedom’s glycerin extraction gives you .46 milligrams of CBD per dose along with .24 milligrams of THC. In our experience, this is the most calming, bliss-inducing—both mentally and physically—tincture we’ve ever encountered and we expect it’s perfect for treating mild anxiety, appetite and peripheral spasms. The other tincture offered by Fweedom is Jack Herer, and it clocks in at a healthy .45 milligrams of THC and .01 milligrams of CBD. Both offerings taste quite grassy, but it’s a flavor you should find your way around as the effects are worth it.

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