Dec. 6, 2012 01:27

Atomic Dog

So the folks at Ballard’s Sensable Patient Network have gone and hammered out another winning hybrid. Too bad they won’t tell us exactly what it is, aside from saying that it’s OG Kush crossed with another indica-dominant strain. The “Dog” in Atomic Dog sure makes us wonder . . . but never mind. These folks are masterful growers and all any of us should really ever care about is the medicinal effect, right? Atomic Dog delivers a very strong body numbing effect without zoning you out and is effective with muscle spasms. It also gives you a bit of fatigue and we can attest to its insomnia-attacking properties (not a bad thing at the right time of day). The A-Dog would also be a great choice for leveling off anxiety and nausea, as, wow, did we ever develop an appetite on this strain! Keep this one away from your now-valuable stash of Twinkies.

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