Dec. 6, 2012 01:24

White Dawg

Whoever it was who stepped out of the hippie mists of time to bring Chemdog unto the masses sure delivered humanity one of the strongest strains of which we know. But this cross of indica-dominants Chemdog (the ’91 cut no less) and White Fire OG (the mysterious The White crossed with OG Kush) takes “strong” to a new level. Have A Heart Compassion Center in North Seattle reports that its White Dawg tests at 28 percent THC, and we have no reason to doubt the center since this is one of the strongest strains we’ve ever sampled in many decades of sampling. Surprisingly, White Dawg has a strong floral scent and isn’t harsh in flavor. It is, however, über strong in effect, which for experienced patients should last a good couple hours of pain-relieving and anxiety-nuking. It’s not a daytime med except for third-shift workers and should be reserved for evening use. White Dawg is truly an excellent med, and is one we’d like to see in concentrate form as well.

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