Dec. 6, 2012 01:22

Blue Kudu Chocolate

The kudu is a proud relative of the antelope, which boasts antlers that can be turned into a version of the vuvuzela, or the instrument that drove everyone insane during the World Cup. Want to tune out? Try a Blue Kudu Chocolate bar, one of the smallest, most potent edibles on the market. Think Mighty Mouse if he spent most of the day napping. The 100mg dosage would be one thing, but the fact that it’s packed into what is essentially a fun-sized candy bar is where it really hits you. Notches on the side do help divide it up into five 20mg-doses, which is where we recommend starting. Instead of a traditional chocolate-only snack, each Kudu bar is infused with a tangerine oil that gives it a touch of brightness that pairs well with the ganja flavor. We tried the indica bar (also available in sativa and hybrid) and were noticeably slowed within a half-hour of ingestion. This is not recommended for patients intending to do anything other than sleep. Several patients with high tolerances have noted that Blue Kudu Chocolate was an edible that “finally worked for them.” Kudos to them!

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