Dec. 6, 2012 01:21

Lemon Skunk

There are very few situations in life where buying a “lemon” is advised. In fact, if you’re not making a pie, an Italian chicken dish or an -ade, we’d discourage it altogether. The Lemon Skunk at Frosted Leaf’s two Denver locations definitely bucks the trend. Just like a burst of citrus zest, this strain definitely woke us up, as if it had been accompanied by a fresh shot of espresso. Moods were elevated up to the top branches, and doing anything physical was extremely pleasant. An 80-percent sativa hybrid, Lemon Skunk functions best as a mood enhancer than a pain reliever—but patients should find its cerebral effects to be just the thing to get their morning started right. This strain’s hallmarks are mellow notes of said yellow fruit peeking out behind a more noticeable funk that is slightly peppery at times. The lightly colored, barely orange hairs reminded us of Island Sweet Skunk. The tremendous density and bud structure are beyond compare, and we were also very pleased with the trichome development. Who are we kidding? We were very pleased with everything that morning.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
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