Dec. 6, 2012 01:19

Death Star

The old stereotype that the cannabis community is composed of “a bunch of hippies” is being continually disproved as nerd culture firmly takes its roots in the MMJ world. As news broke in November that George Lucas would be selling the Star Wars franchise to Disney, we had to pick up some Death Star from the Good Meds Network in Denver. The name would fit on the strength of its genetics alone (Biodiesel crossed with Sensi Star), but the wide, round, almost-uniform-in-color nugs resemble space stations that could decimate a planet. Out of the jar, the smell is much like the inside of a novelty Dark Vader mask, with notes of rubber and cranberry bog. Crushing a nug up reveals a mixed herbaceousness, like a meal at the local cantina. The initial rush from the Diesel is much more “Who’s your daddy?” than “Luke, I am your father,” but calms down noticeably during the second hour, helping to shed deep muscle and tissue pain from multiple back surgeries for one reviewer. With medical properties like this, we’ll classify the Death Star as “the light side” of the Force for once.

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