Dec. 6, 2012 01:13

Auntie’s Edibles Medicated Cake Pops

Patients can count on Auntie’s Edibles Medicated Cake Pops to deliver critical—and tasty—relief. Auntie’s has somehow baked chocolate cakes onto a stick and coated them with one of three types of icing decorated with candy sprinkles. The soft, yet firm and sweet icing gives way to a thick, fudge-like cake that’s rich, sweet, chocolaty and amazing. Everything is medicated in these Pops, from the frosting to the cake mixture, and they come in two dose levels—60 mg and 150 mg—though both doses are the same physical size. Handmade and hand-dipped in shelf-stable icing, refrigerating the leftovers is recommended. These are very potent so patients who eat 60 mg of cannabis can expect anti-anxiety and sedative effects, coupled with pain and inflammation.

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