Dec. 6, 2012 01:06

Crème De Canna Gourmet Ice Cream

Ice cream fiends, beware: Crème De Canna expertly unites cannabinoids and gourmet ice cream with these half-pint, super-strong edibles, available at Revolution Health Center in San Jose. Reassuringly sealed inside a professional-looking white paper tub with a detailed list of ingredients, gourmet goodness clearly awaits. Inside the TRIPle Chocolate, creamy chocolate ice cream encases fudgy brownie bits. The Straw-Mari is a delicious mix of strawberry, vanilla ice cream and Grand Marnier liqueur extract. The Banannabis Foster has delightful hints of cinnamon, rum and banana liqueur. This stuff tastes as smooth as Ben and Jerry’s, with only a hint at all the cannabinoids crammed in there. All elements of this medicated ice cream are medicated, though, including the chocolate bits. Patients report consuming an entire half-pint snuffs out even the most intractable case of insomnia. But it’s also perfect for a couple to split.

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