Nov. 1, 2012 04:14

Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

Montana PBS

Dir. Anna Rau

Governor Romney put the bull’s eye on Sesame Street, but Big Bird wouldn’t be the only casualty of a defunded Public Broadcasting Service. Last year, PBS Montana produced Clearing the Smoke, arguably one of the best modern documentaries on cannabis science. Many people roll their eyes when longhaired hippies talk about medicinal benefits, but this documentary looks to the doctors, researchers and scientists doing the actual lab tests on how cannabis’s unique chemical compounds affect the brain and body. The latest studies show potential to treat some of the worst diseases, including cancer, yet the government inexplicably goes out of its way to hinder further research. The documentary also shares personal stories of cannabis-related relief, which reminds viewers of all the suffering that takes place while Capitol Hill plays political games. This is the perfect DVD for that skeptic in your life.

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