Nov. 1, 2012 03:31

THT Edibles Mad Love Rice Krispies Treat

Wow. Here’s a twist: A medible that doesn’t taste like, well, a medible. Patients will be abundantly surprised when they see the amazing line of THT Edibles currently available at The Healing Touch in Encino. Made by Royal Highness Chocolatiers, the THT Edibles currently in stock include bon bons, chocolate bars (“King Bar”) plus a very delightful item called Mad Love, which has got to be hands-down one of the best medicated Rice Krispies treat this CULTURE staffer has ever had the pleasure of sampling. To put it simply, this is one sweet, delicious treat that gets a sugary boost from the thick, rich chocolate coating. Also, many Rice Krispies treats are a pain to chew because the marshmallow that holds everything together is too tough and thick. Mad Love poses no such problems—it’s like buddah. THT Edibles come tested at 97.4 percent THC and 33.3 CBD, so you are getting top-of-the line potency and relief. Effects include that “warm glow” feeling, a pain-slaying body stone and some mild heaviness in the eyelids. Serious medicine for serious patients.

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