Nov. 1, 2012 03:29


I guess you can call this a hybrid. Someone took the Push-Up Pop concept and crossed it with an edible. Hi-Pops, available at Terra Holistics in Garden Grove, is he party responsible for this four-layer marvel that consists of various samples of sweet confection, each one with its own different potency level (courtesy of indica-fueled canna butter). Our advice: starting nibbling and work your way down . . . carefully. Start with the brown sugary-goodness of AmsterCake (59.8 mg of THC) on top. Next up is Bombastic Brownie (59 mg), then follow that up with semi-sweet chocolate goodness of Firework Fudge (32.5 mg). Last, but definitely not least is Yumchip Cookie (95 mg!). Since this edible is so strong, definitely consume one level at a time and judge the effects judiciously and carefully. Only the very seriously ill should consider eating the entire Hi-Pop. One more thing: Hi-Pops are so strong they’re insanely pungent. Store in an air-tight container for the sake of discretion.

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