Nov. 1, 2012 02:14

R1 Bubba Kush

The masters in the service of the Chronic Pain Management Center in San Bernardino hit the sweet spot when they crossed The Pit with Crippled Rhino, producing a 100-percent indica with many of the cerebral properties of a sativa. The oval buds, fat as Concord grapes, have an unusual light motif to them—pale green leaves and golden blond hairs finely dusted with resin. The bouquet and taste is also quite unique—it took a while to figure out that the flavor at work here is akin to white wine: crisp and dry, with a sweet finish. R1 Bubba Kush comes on fast, producing a giddy, drifting sensation that, again, harkens to wine in all but the stumbling around part. Its heavy indica component settles deep into the bones, while the dash of sativa keeps you energized enough to really appreciate what’s happening. This is a very nuanced medicine, meaning that if you’re pain is severe—as with muscle injuries or PTSD—but you still have things to do, it’s a good remedy to have around.

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