Nov. 1, 2012 02:13

Royal OG

Not that we could ever know, but this is probably the strain the Queen of England would smoke if Her Majesty moved to Southern California and registered as a patient. Bold, noble in appearance and commanding in intensity, Royal OG from Lotus in Garden Grove is an outstanding example of what you can do by adding just a touch of sativa to fine-quality indica. The sharp-edged, deep-green and milk chocolate buds are big as walnuts and give off a heady aroma slightly reminiscent of rosemary. The smoke is cherry-sweet and clean, billowing in the pure whiteness one almost always sees from top-shelf marijuana. It burns hotter than what you may be used to, making it an excellent for pipe use. The stone distinguishes itself from other high-potency strains in its heaviness—like a weight gently pressing on your forehead and eyelids. This reviewer has sampled a lot of strains over the years, but Royal OG was the one that made this reviewer forget where he left his pants. The intensity of the stone is such that you’d wise to “use responsibly,” especially if you’re a patient with such serious illnesses as cancer, MS or HIV/AIDS, or experience the painful effects of severe neuropathy, endometriosis or chronic migraines.

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