Nov. 1, 2012 02:12

Zen Skywalker OG

We have to admit to feeling a bit biased in favor of this variety out the gate. CULTURE has long urged the MMJ community to show better judgment when naming strains, and Zen Skywalker OG is an especially beautiful name. That’s fortunate for us, because even if this particular strain had been named Ass-Kissing Baby Monkey, we’d still have to praise it for its quality. An indica-dominant hybrid from Zen Collective in Garden Grove, it makes you sit up and say “howdy” the moment you smell it. The bouquet—what can only be described as a mix of exotic herbs and French perfume—is in itself a thing of beauty. The buds are gorgeous: pale green and amber, with big, diamond-shaped nugs radiating out from the center like leaves from a clover. While the strain, of course, is named for the dispensary promoting it, it might easily have been derived from the high it produces: A sensation of Zen-like tranquility and oneness with everything, not the least of which being the couch. We don’t know the THC count in this baby, but Zen Skywalker OG will lay you out flat and keep you there with a smile on your face for hours. It’s a great remedy for serious pain, and outstanding as a treatment for nausea, appetite suppression and vertigo.

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