Nov. 1, 2012 02:10

Blue Dream

Reputedly bred from Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream is one of those temperamental strains in which the quality is super-dependent on the talent of the grower. This particular sativa-dominant hybrid variety, from 7411 Lankershim in North Hollywood, was clearly produced by a gifted cultivist. Sea-foam green with touches of blood-orange hairs and with that bluish tinge from which the name is derived, Blue Dream buds are sticky to the touch and surprisingly light for a strain that packs such a punch. The aroma is sour with a nutty finish, while the flavor has almost bitter sweetness to it, like candied ginger. Blue Dream has a well-earned reputation for being a “workday” weed, and this iteration is no exception: The stone hits fast and goes deep, soothing sore muscles and relaxing jangled nerves like a talented masseuse, but it does all this without leaving you stupid and off-balance in the process. Considering all these qualities together, Blue Dream is perfect for patients who need to medicate before work: Sufferers of chronic arthritis, migraines and back injuries will find it especially helpful.

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