Nov. 1, 2012 02:02

Father’s Cookies QR Cookies

Remember when cookies were just cookies? Now it’s Girl Scout Cookies this and Animal Cookies that, and even a regular sugar cookie is somehow cyberpunk. Father Cookies’ QR Cookies, available at San Jose’s Theraleaf, is a tasty sugar cookie with a QR code, a square barcode-looking image that—when scanned by a cell phone— allows the eater/user to win prizes. It comes in a plastic case, and we recommend scanning the QR code before you accidentally tear or devour it. QR Cookies smell of flour, sugar and vanilla, and feel smooth and hard as a biscuit. They taste super-sweet, with nary a hint of the cannabutter packed into this powerful, 11-dose edible. Prizes include $20 donation credits, shirts, edibles and ounces. With 225mg of THC, patients use these edibles to treat serious chemotherapy pain and AIDS-related wasting.

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