Nov. 1, 2012 01:57

Wonderland Edibles Chocolate Truffles

Well, this is decadent. The Leaf Lab in San Jose carries Wonderland Edibles’ Chocolate Truffles—a dainty, rich confection packing a double dose of THC. Descended from 19th century French sweets, the American truffle is a half-egg shaped mixture of chocolates and butterfat, reportedly invented by Joseph Schmidt, a San Francisco chocolatier in the mid-1980s. Wonderland’s truffles come in a box of four, little, paper-wrapped balls in four flavors: Reese’s, S’mores, Ghirardelli and Heath. Firm to the touch, the dense little treats melt on the fingers and in the mouth to create a choco-butter overload, spiked by ample doses of kief and cannabutter. SC Labs tests these confections at 40mg of THC per truffle, or about two doses. Patients use them to dull chronic pain, lift mood and ease muscle spasticity. How divine.

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