Nov. 1, 2012 01:54

Green Light Edibles Capitol Hill Bar

We’ve noticed a definite uptick in the quality and consistency of effect of medibles in the Puget Sound region of late. Gone are the days of brownies that did little or left you so agitated that you wound up on nighttime walks. In are the days of offerings like this from Green Light: long-lasting in effect, but not so overpowering that you cannot function. Seriously, this tasty little fruit-and-nut bar—available at Urban Roots in Seattle’s University District—is very strong and, in our test run, kicked in at one hour and did not stop kicking pain’s butt for another six hours. That’s one of the longest-acting medibles we’ve ever encountered. But its effects were never overwhelming, a testament to the maker carefully finding a balance between sativa and indica in this product (or so the maker told us). Green Light is making some of the best edibles in western Washington these days, and you can find them at this U-District collective or in a few other Metro area collectives.

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