Nov. 1, 2012 01:53


With a name like Chernobyl, you’d imagine this strain to be nuclear strong. Your imagination would be correct as this triple-cross (Trainwreck, Jack The Ripper and Trinity X), sativa-dominant hybrid consistently tests at over 20 percent THC. This fine example from Eastside Greenlight in Issaquah upholds that reputation and offers general pain relieving and euphoria-inducing qualities without turning patients into space captains, as some sativas often do. It has a light citrus odor and indeed does taste a bit like lime on the palette. Chernobyl buds are much tighter and denser than are most sativa-dominant hybrids, almost to the point of resembling Kush flowers. This hybrid is clear-headed enough in its effects for daytime use, but it’s strong enough where patients may want to keep things close to home.

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