Nov. 1, 2012 01:52

Platinum Kush

If by law you could require collectives to always have certain strains in-stock, then Platinum Kush would be automatically short-listed for inclusion. This classic double-Kush hybrid (Master Kush with Afghani) is a true medical strain and, by some patients at least, is revered for its ability to knock down pain and inflammation. Its painkilling effects are intense and can last a good two hours, running so deep as to produce spasm reduction, but they are too overwhelming to count as “work weed.” Keep this indica around for nighttime use, as it leans towards couch lock. This example from Olympia Alternative Medicine was all dark buds frosted with trichome-y goodness. Platinum Kush is also known for its iron aftertaste—it’s like putting a nail in your mouth—but it’s not an off-putting flavor in our estimation. This strain is also excellent for anxiety and insomnia.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
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