Nov. 1, 2012 01:51

Bruce Banner

One of our biggest gripes with the hundreds of Kush-based hybrids is that they seem to be bred more for generating a consumer buzz (remember Obama OG?) as opposed to delivering medical effects. Well this indica strain, named after the Incredible Hulk’s real world persona, certainly bucks that trend, nicely fusing Strawberry Diesel and Ghost OG (The latter is allegedly the original OG Kush.). The results are good for patients as this example from New Millennium Collective in the Rainier Valley delivers a potent, cerebral high (from a 70/30 indica-dominant strain no less) and utterly removes any sense of anxiety from one’s mind. In keeping with its Kush lineage, Bruce Banner also delivers general pain relief. It smells slightly of berries on the nose and there is a definite fruity flavor on exhalation. This strain is certainly a good evening medicine and doesn’t lead to the dreaded couch lock. So use it just about anytime.

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