Nov. 1, 2012 01:50

Ace of Spades

It’s possible Ace of Spades came by its name because its shimmering, dark purple buds, once they are ground up, look similar to the evening sky. Then again, maybe “Spade” refers to the increased mobility of this indica-dominant hybrid—working in your garden or backyard will suddenly become a very enjoyable task. Whatever the case, we found the samples from Ann Arbor Wellness Collective beautiful and fresh. A TGA Subcool cross of Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper, Ace of Spades smells of earth and pine berries, with notes of chocolate and ammonia. The samples we reviewed had frosty, dark purple buds formed into grape-like clusters. Laced with orange pistils, the buds were also slightly spongy to the touch. The smoke was smooth and spicy in the mouth, and the head effects were felt almost immediately after ingestion. Purportedly a 70/30 indica-sativa cross, this strain revealed the strength of the sativa side early on, giving way to a relaxed indica stone toward the end. Smoking left us energized and focused for 90 minutes of pain-free outdoor work, at the end of which we remained clear-headed and active-minded. We neither slumped into couchlock nor did our heads ever soar out of reach. Never overpowering, Ace of Spades makes for a good, productive daytime medicine.

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