Nov. 1, 2012 01:44

Bubba Jones

Fresh from Your Choice Meds in Montrose and We Grow in Flint comes Bubba Jones, a cross between sativa-dominant Casey Jones and Bubba Kush, an indica well-known for its subtle and manageable stoney effects. Kinda like Michigan, the Bubba Jones buds were wildly shaped and frosty, firm and crispy, but not overdry. The smell—at first unremarkable—became skunkier as days went on. The smoke was smooth and never harsh, and initially we experienced a heady high with a slight buzz felt throughout the body. Over time, waves of energy could be felt coursing down the torso and into heavy limbs. A mellow mood eventually set it, though there were never those dull feelings that some indicas can impart. You could definitely feel the transcendent sativa experience, especially at the outset, but the anxiety associated with strong sativas was not to be found with Bubba Jones. We found ourselves in a dreamy state—without ever feeling sluggish—and knew we’d have no trouble sleeping. Bubba Jones sets up a happy balance between the creative and thoughtful sativa influences and the pain-reducing, sleep-inducing benefits of an indica. This is a potent and complex strain.

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