Nov. 1, 2012 01:12

Strawberry Cough Crunch

Oh the Cough, how Colorado loves thee! From Fort Collins to Strawberry, Cough goes way back. That’s one of the reasons we love Incredibles’ homage, the Strawberry Cough Crunch bar, so much. Also, it’s ridiculously tasty. Using a method called decarboxylation—which basically means heating THC oil to activate all the cannabinoids—what you get is a super clean oil made in-house that helps reduce the medicinal taste in the 100 mg bar. We also appreciate the precision in labeling, with nutrition facts on the back for those on strict diets . . . diets that include a candy bar every once in awhile. The bar is also split so you can conveniently rip a smaller piece and medicate all day long—and you’ll want to. The strawberries and cream love affair is well documented, and you can taste the quality in the silkiness of the white chocolate. Texturally, we found the addition of Rice Krispies very palate-pleasing, providing a little crunch with every bite. A recommended dose will put you between roughly 8 mg and 16 mg, and we found this accurate for a great body high without mental discomfort or what can only be described as “that bad edible feeling” where you start reminding yourself to breathe.

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