Nov. 1, 2012 01:10

Blue Dream

While it may sound closer to an ’80s mash-up of New Order and the Eurythmics, Blue Dream has actually won many awards in the cannabis arena, though we wouldn’t put the former past Girl Talk. Total Health Concepts in Colorado Springs was nice enough to let us sample this strain, and the results definitely didn’t trainwreck. An 80-percent sativa, the Haze genetics tend to dominate over the Blueberry in overall effect, but there is definitely a euphoria that sets in that one reviewer compared to “runner’s high.” The flavors reminded us of a fancy cheese plate at the end of dinner: dark fruits, a hint of spice and the funk of some well-aged fromage. Once you get to the club, you’ll be able to spot the bright orange hairs from across the dance floor—almost like it’s covered in glow sticks. A great strain for relieving anxiety, you’ll feel like getting out there and busting a move like no one is watching. Blue Dream can also help with migraines caused by speakers that are just too damn loud. Oh man, the ’80s are getting old.

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