Nov. 1, 2012 01:09

Joker’s Grin

There’s little excitement like that of seeing truly purple buds in a jar, like a bunch of tiny Grimaces trapped in glass. We just can’t help ourselves, and we couldn’t either on a trip to Med Ex + Altitude Organic Medicine in Denver. Joker’s Grin, a combination of TGA’s Vortex and a particularly purps-ish OG Kush cut, definitely jumped off the shelf at us. Chunky trichome-covered calyxes reminded us even more of our giant, plush friend, with almost burnt orange tufts of hair jutting out. The smell and flavor—almost all of which come from the Vortex side of the family—are overwhelmingly sweet, but not grape like the Ape. No, this is closer to the fruit cup in your Happy Meal for sure. The grin definitely comes out with a puff or two, as a quick head high spreads to the body within minutes, alleviating deep muscle and tissue pain like only an OG can. We wouldn’t recommend jumping in the ball pit, however, as you may never claw your way out. Plus, the ball pit is filthy.

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