Oct. 1, 2012 04:20

Auntie M's Cakebombs

You know the deal with edibles: They can be more than what you were looking for. Too strong in effect, too racy in the mind and very high in calories what with all the super-sugary, frosted concoctions in the Puget Sound region. There are some edibles we know of that must rival a Big Mac in calorie count. Not so for this fine, in-house produced edible from Puget Sound Health Alternatives in Seattle's Interbay neighborhood. Auntie M’s Cakebombs are labeled at 130 calories per dose—in our experience, very low for medicated edibles—and are one of the most consistent pain killing performers we've tried in a while. These tasty treats are low in sugar and infused with strong hash oil. Their effects comes on strong at about one hour, but it comes on in a subtle manner without a hint of body rush or agitation, making them an excellent choice for day and night pain relief. Credit the Berry Kush in the hash oil of the Chocolate Mint Cookie flavor for that. Auntie M's come in one-packs and four-packs and are only available at PSHA, so get yourself over to the West side of Queen Anne Hill.

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