Oct. 1, 2012 04:19

Momma Cassie's 1,000MG Hash Oil Tincture

The guys at Fremont’s Canna Rx stand out amongst their peers for their unwillingness to have petroleum solvent extracts (i.e., BHO) in their house, so it's no surprise that they'd actually turn around and produce one of the best tinctures in Western Washington. We cannot say for certain because there are so many tinctures in Western Washington these days. Sure, tinctures don't get you hella high and aren't as sexy as dried flowers and other extracts. Historically in America, cannabis tinctures were over-the-counter medicines, used by many as global relaxants and as treatments for migraines and anxiety. But Prohibition ended that. Canna Rx is bringing back a bit of an American tradition with an isopropyl alcohol extraction tincture that—drum roll—actually works. One or two droppers of this will induce swift, subtle relaxation and we're told it works well for headaches. We noticed substantial improvement in muscle spasms as well. This tincture is only available at Canna Rx, so if tinctures are your way of medication, then this is a must-try.

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