Oct. 1, 2012 04:18

Northwest Blackberry

Each time you run into a localized strain name, you need to pay attention because somewhere in the Northwest an elder grower has tweaked an already outstanding hybrid—Blackberry in this case—and produced a new hybrid somehow better suited to patients. Northwest Blackberry is an 80/20 indica/sativa hybrid and, while the exact genetics are unknown, its effects are easy to anticipate because this strain produces thick coats of trichomes. Tested by Cannatest and proudly grown by Bully Pharm, this example from the U District's Urban Roots checks in at 18.5 percent THC. So, yes, this indica will definitely kill overall pain and dampen muscle spasms–plus it’s strong enough to take a bite out of anxiety and insomnia. You might expect a strain with Berry lineage to be an odor bomb, but not so in this case. Northwest Blackberry has a nice light, dank fruitiness that sticks around on the palate long after exhalation.

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