Oct. 1, 2012 04:13

Chai High Tea

Chai has been around for, oh, a couple hundred years, yet it is finally gaining in popularity in America. Popularized in India, it’s typically a tea base with milk, spices, and sweetener added, served cold or hot, depending on your mood. Or the mood of your barista. When we saw “316mg” on a bottle of Chai High Tea at Denver’s Solace Meds, we knew we had to down it, as few boast potency that extreme. Chai High was not joking. We started small, using 2-ounce shot glasses and giving a clink, went down the rabbit hole. The chai has a nice balance, using a spice mix—that we’re dying to get our hands on—to mitigate a strong mix of indica- and sativa-infused milk—a smart infusion as cannabis is only fat- or alcohol-soluble. That was more than enough, as we sat at a movie theater and wondered how we would get home 10 minutes in. When we laughed, we exploded in a cacophony of cackles. When we cried, wait . . . who told you we cried? Our only beef is storing the leftovers, as the dairy gives this a certain shelf life. We’ll let you know how our Chai High ice cube experiment turns out.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
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